Maverick Meercat

As regular readers (?) of this blog would be aware, I tried using Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04) in May of this year ( When I saw the announcement about the release of the next version, I decided that this is the time to give Ubuntu another shot. So after downloading the Ubuntu desktop version, I set to work on making it work. This time I decided to try out the Wubi installer.

Wubi Installer
Wubi Installer

I could successfully install Ubuntu and boot into it. The UI looked polished and nice. Unlike the last time, the keyboard was detected and I could log in. That is when the problem started. It did not detect my inbuilt wifi device. Without which there was no internet. So I logged into windows and decided to download Linux drivers for my external Reliance datacard. After copying installation instruction for getting the device up and running from various forums onto a text file which I could open from Linux, I logged into MM again. Lo and Behold! The deb file that contained the device driver failed to install. Most likely the problem would be with the device driver but the error message said that the problem was with aptitude (If I remember the name of the installer correctly). Going back to the forum advices I tried out few things like dmesg, modprobe etc which predictably resulted in failure. After spending 2 hours on it, I lost interest and decided to attempt the good old virtual way.

Virtual Box

First I went with VirtualBox to try and make it run. And I got the following error. 🙁

Virtual Box Error

Forums suggests that the error goes away or the fix is coming in the next version of VirtualBox. Not having any more patience I decided to try out the VMWare way. Man! It was slow and I mean very very very slow. The whole machine seemed like it has locked up. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I was able to log in but the experience was excruciating. Finally decided to let go of the experiment.

Ubuntu in VM


Ubuntu Installing


Ubuntu looks good

For the next version, I am going to try Kubuntu instead and probably install it clean on a machine as a sole OS. No funny virtual business just full Linux.

Lucid Lynx

Today I received the Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Desktop Edition CD that was shipped to me by Canonical. Here is a sneak peak.

Lynx inside VMWare

Installation in progress

Login Screen – Due to the virtual nature, the screen is not in the full resolution.

And here the experiment ends as the stupid Ubuntu does not recognize my keyboard (The external and the laptop one both) and I could not enter the password. If the numlock is one outside the Ubuntu window, it turns off when I take the cursor on it. Weird. 🙁

Will try the Wubi or the USB boot option. But may be with the next version. 🙁