For the forthcoming blogs on Indian History, I have considered the following source

  1. The wonder that was India, Volume 1 – A L Basham
  2. The wonder that was India, Volume 2 – S A A Rizvi
  3. The penguin history of Early India, From the origins to AD 1300 – Romila Thapar
  4. An advanced history of India – R C Majumdar, H C Raychaudhuri, Kalikinkar Datta
  5. A History of India –  Burton Stein
  6. NCERT History Books – Freely downloadable
  7. Wikipedia and any related sources from the citations

Due to copyright issues, most of the images and maps would be from the internet.

As I have said already, I am NOT an expert. I have not studied history professionally and I do not have a degree in it. These are NOT scholarly researched articles. They are just my attempt to write about things that I read, to better understand and learn them. Whatever I write would entirely be my own understanding of the things and would definitely may NOT be the absolute truth or your understanding of it. I do not intend any disrespect to any historical figure, culture or society. If you feel that something I have written is incorrect or hurts your beliefs or feelings, let me know through the comments and I will take a call on taking it down. I would try to be as impartial as possible and will try to look at multiple sources. The books that I have mentioned are huge ones and hence I may miss many important details.

As always comments, suggestions, disagreements are welcome.

Must Read Books

On popular (!) demand, here is a list of books that I have read that I feel are must reads. Books are not in any particular order and I have kept a good mix of different genres. Will keep updating the post as and when I read any new good ones/remember the names of goods ones.

1. Midnight’s Children – Salman Rushdie – Novel incorporating contemporary post independence Indian history with elements of fantasy. Man! I must have read the scene of the three friends after the 1971 war at least 10 times.
2. Foundation Series (Especially the original three) – Isaac Asimov
3. Batman: The Killing Joke – Graphic Novel by Alan Moore
4. War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy – Andrei Bolkonsky is one of my favorite fictional character. The changes in his attitude and thoughts reminds me of my own nature. The great Russian General Kutuzov is also very well portrayed.
5. Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy – Anna is a character to be pitied. Anna’s last scene in the book is perhaps the most haunting scene that I have read. I wonder why Kareena Kapoor is named after Anna. :s
6. Robot Series – Isaac Asimov, need I say more?
7. Moon is a harsh mistress – Robert Heinlein – Details how to carry out a revolution.
8. Man who sold the moon – Robert Heinlein (Short Story) – Delos D Harriman, awesome character.
9. Rama Series – Arthur C Clarke – Voyage across the vast expanse of space and its socio-cultural impact.
10. Cryptonomicon – Neal Stephenson – World War 2 – Check, Technology – Check, Cryptography – Check, Humor – Check, Great Writing – Check. Compared to Cryptonomicon, Anathem was boring.
11. Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Agatha Christie – I had realized who the killer is in the beginning parts of the book. 🙂 But that does not diminish its awesomeness.
12. Then there were none – Agatha Christie
13. Curtains – Agatha Christie – Poirot’s darkest novel.
14. I, Asimov – Isaac Asimov’s memoir.
15. Meditations – Marcus Aurelius – The most underlined book that I have read.
16. Chandrakanta Santati – Devaki Nandan Khatri – Hindi fantasy novel. Perhaps the best magico-fantasy novel. Beats Lord of the Rings. Must have read it 4-5 times.
17. The rise and fall of the Third Reich – William Shirer – The most authoritative book on World War 2.
18. To kill a mocking bird – Harper Lee – I am still not sure whether the book is better or the movie.
19. Catcher in the Rye – J D Salinger – The part in the novel where you understand what the title of the book means was, for a lack of any other word, awesome.
20. Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card – Whenever I have to give a gift to someone who is fond of reading, this book is what I give. 😀
21. Wheel of Time series – Robert Jordan – Very very good compared to the Potter series or the Ring series. I read the twelve books of the series in a month or so. Rand is epitome of stoic fortitude.
22. Apology – Plato – Socrates is awesome.
23. Adrushya Manus – H G Well’s Invisible Man in Marathi – One of the first books that I read.
24. Starship Trooper – Robert Heinlein – Don’t watch the movie.
25. Surely You’re joking, Mr Feynman! – Mr Feynman! – Nice! Great Man!
26. Lord of Light – Roger Zelazny – A difficult book to understand, but enjoyable nonetheless.