Somewhere, Something incredible is waiting to be discovered. ~ Carl Sagan
In this infinite universe there are infinite things to discover and to learn about. Every day, every minute of your life you can know something new. It may be a wonderful smile that you hadn’t noticed till then. It may be the amazing colors of leaves. It may be the reason behind the workings of a program. There are always new things to discover and know about.
This blog would be my attempt to chronicle the things that I discover. By no means the entries in these blogs are claimed to be original. They would most likely be rewording of wiki articles, but they are my attempt at knowing.

Years from now when I will read them again, it would give me an insight into what I was at that instance in space and time.

Updated on 18th August 2010 to add the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: As I have always maintained, do not take medical or for that matter any advice from a jobless “MBA” student like me. To put simply, I do not guarantee the accuracy of any information that I provide. And I am not a doctor or a microbiologist or a chemist or a PhD.