Whats in a name?

“I am pregnant.”, Komal said apprehensively, not knowing how her husband would react.

Jack stared at her, stunned, before giving a hoot of joy and grasping her in a rough, warm hug. He let her go only to give her a long, wet kiss before shouting like a kid, “I want a girl, I want a girl!”. She pushed him aside and told him, “No, its gonna be a baby boy, handsome like his father and intelligent like his mother!”

“What are we gonna name him or her?”, Jack asked.

“Hmm, that’s a tricky one. It is going to be difficult picking a right name. I like Andrew.”

“I always wanted a daughter whom I can call Sophia.”

“Lets start looking then, the longer we wait, more difficult it will become.”

“Yep. You start with Gmail, I will look at twitter. For Facebook, we will use Gmail.”

After 2 minutes.

“Andrew.Jack is taken on Gmail as well as Sophia.Jack.”

“Shit! Try with 2022.”

“Andrew.Jack2022 is available but not Sophia.Jack2022.”

“That’s bad. It’s the reverse case on Twitter.”

“What do you think of Andrei? Andrei.Jack2022 is available.”

“Its available on Twitter as well. Check Sophie.Jack2022, it shows as available here.”

“Bingo!!! Available on Gmail as well, my Love!!”

“Register! Register! Fast!”

“Done and Done!!”

“I always wanted a daughter whom I can call Sophie!”