The Boon

Ramsharan was 60 years old. In an age when the average life span was less than 30, he was positively ancient. And 40 years of those 60 he had spent meditating and praying to God and asking Him to fulfill his wishes. Now at the sunset of his life, he was finally going to get his wish.

“My Son. Open your eyes. I am happy with you. Ask what you desire and it shall be.”

Ramsharan was never so angry in his life.

“God! You are late. I am at the end of my life. You are not going to give me immortality and even if you were, I would not want immortality in this decrepit body. I wasted my entire life praying to you. If only I had worked rather than praying, I could have changed the world. I could have made a difference!”

“Tathastu! Your wish shall be fulfilled.”

And God vanished, not in puff of logic, but in that of disbelief and incredulity.

Ramsharan died later that day.


Hariram was old. He had not done anything remarkable in his life. And now on the side of the road, he was dying.

And then on the last day of his pitiful life, the crown prince of Kapilavastu saw him.


“Henry! Get down from the tree lad!”

Henry like any other eight year old was not going to listen to his mom. He continued his stay on the tree. And like any other eight year old, he was greedy. So even though he had an apple in his left hand and one in his pocket, he was still trying to reach for the red ripe one that was just outside his reach. As he was trying to grab it, he fumbled it.

And an apple dropped.


Prof. Andrei Stein was angry. His wife, as was her wont, was pestering him again for getting the repairs done on their house. Andrei was the dean of modern painting in the Vienna Academy of Art and as was the case with all the professors of Arts, rather lacking in monetary benefits. In addition to his wife’s bad temper he had to sit again today interviewing potential students. He hated his wife, his job and his life. He remembered the next student who came in the door. He had rejected him once already.

Even before he saw his work, he had decided to reject him. Again.

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro is a technique developed by Francesco Cirillo for productivity and time management. The Pomodoro technique consists of

1. Using a timer

2. Set the timer for 25 minutes (whatever is convenient). Work for 25 minutes with focused concentration.

3. Once the timer rings, take a pause for 5 minutes.

4. Continue once the break ends.

5. Rinse and repeat 3-4 times, before taking a longer break (15-20 minutes).

Generally, a physical egg timer or a software timer is used for keeping time. Instead of downloading/buying an existing application, I thought why not build my own and share it with the world. After about a couple of hours of coding which included learning how to work with git and codeplex, here is the link for 0.2 version.

Will post the screenshots of the application in the evening. The version 0.2 is working but has many ToDos, which I hope I will finish someday.

Pomodoro Watch Application


1. Putting in an actual ticking watch.
2. UI Modifications.
3. Minimizing the application to the task bar.
4. Adding right click menu on the taskbar icon.

Updated: added the image, ToDo list and minor changes in the post.