Emerald Isle

Utterly different from the popular recipes online, this one had a Carribbean flavor to it and most probably an invention by the bartender.

Bar Recipe: Blend of Bacardi with white coconut rum, Pineapple juice, Mango Juice in a Caribbean style served in a Banquet wine glass.


Presentation: 2/5

taste: 1/5 Worst tasting cocktail I had.


Kahlua is a Mexican coffee flavored Liqueur. After having both Black Russian and Black Whiskey both containing Kahlua, I decided to have Kahlua on its own.

I had 30ml of Kahlua served in a shot glass. It has a distinct pungent sweet caffeine taste different from the coffee that Indians are used to.  Dark Brown, almost black in color. Although 30ml dint have any effect on me, but it was high on alcohol content (20-35%). I would prefer Kahlua in combination with other liquids though. 🙂

Rating: 2/5


Caipirinha is a famous Brazilian Cocktail

IBA Recipe:

Content: Cachaca, Lime Wedges, 2 teaspoon sugar.

Place lime and sugar in old fashioned glass and muddle, fill glass with ice and add Cachaca.

Recipe at the bar:

Cachaca with lime muddled with brown sugar, served in old fashioned glass.


presentation: 4/5.

Taste : 1.5/5 Sugary and Minty with narrow strips of what I believe were Mint and Basil leaves. The quantity was large and since I dislike mint, not that good. I think that the bartender used Mint/Basil in place of lemon wedges and thus deviated from the recipe given in the menu.

I had Appleton Rock again and I have to say that it is the best cocktail that I had till now. 🙂