A short list of things that I would like to know and do

1. Artificial Intelligence – How to create a complete AI or at least know how theoretically they can be created.

2. History

3. Plant life – Varieties of plants, how they are classified and how they work.

4. Cocktails – Varieties, how to prepare them. I would like to have my own bar and spend evenings creating ans enjoying my own preparations.

5. The process of learning. how do we assimilate knowledge and how we retrieve it. Can it be hacked? This is known as epistemology – a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge.

6. Look into the stars and know what they are, where they are, what lies between my existence and them.

7. What is the meaning of my existence? What does it mean that I have lived? The day that I die will I be having regrets about what I could have done but didn’t? This is ontology 😀 – the branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of existence or being as such.

8. Economics and Game theory.

9. Quantum mechanics.

10. Risk Management. (I am preparing for FRM. :D)

11. Diseases, how they are caused and how they are cured.

12. Calculus

13. Chemistry.

14. Medicine – Anatomy, different human systems, diseases, cures and why of all these

15. Geography

16. Image Processing

17. Networking

Every day I will try to create a post on one of these topics detailing what I have learned about it.

Edit : Added epistemology, Ontology

Some observations

  1. Everyone thinks that they are different. You will know the difference when you meet people who are more talented than you are with none of the ego baggage that you carry.
  2. The source of ego lies in comparison with the wrong kind of individuals. Comparing with people who are not as good as you are and then finding the joy in that you am better than those individuals is wrong attitude.
  3. The way to happiness is the realization that apart from yourself it is very little that you can do to change others. Expecting people to revert to your way of thinking is one sure way of being disappointed. Accept the people and their deeds the way they are and the way they happen. In their thoughts what they are doing is right. You trying to tell them that they are wrong is going to help neither them nor you.
  4. Don’t judge people. They are right in their own eyes. Unless you are in their shoes you don’t know why they are doing what they are doing. If you feel that they are wrong, you cannot make it right by telling them that.

How to live like a Stoic?

Stoicism is an ancient Hellenic philosophy which believed that a perfect individual would not let her emotions affect her. Stoics (Zeno, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca etc) preached self control and advised to remain indifferent to the vagaries of the world.

1. It is our reactions to the events that causes suffering. Regulate your reaction.

2. Sphere of influence: Only what is inside your mind is directly under your sphere of influence. Your friends, your environment, what others think of you are only marginally under your command. Since you cannot control them, worrying about them serves no purpose. Do what you want to do disregarding what others think of it.

3. Past is past. You cannot change it so forget about it. Future is yet to happen. You can just control what is the present.

4. Every day you will meet people you dont like who will try to hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. You cannot change them so live with it. Their power over you is their power to hurt you in your mind. If you do not allow them to hurt your thoughts, you make them powerless.

5. Today could be your last day. Live it.

6. Your possessions are temporary. Imagine life without them and take pleasure in their existence.

7. People you love and people who love you are very important. More important than your ego. Accepting defeat in front of them does not make your smaller.

8. Think of the bigger things. If you think of smaller matters your mind and your efforts would be limited to them.


Somewhere, Something incredible is waiting to be discovered. ~ Carl Sagan
In this infinite universe there are infinite things to discover and to learn about. Every day, every minute of your life you can know something new. It may be a wonderful smile that you hadn’t noticed till then. It may be the amazing colors of leaves. It may be the reason behind the workings of a program. There are always new things to discover and know about.
This blog would be my attempt to chronicle the things that I discover. By no means the entries in these blogs are claimed to be original. They would most likely be rewording of wiki articles, but they are my attempt at knowing.

Years from now when I will read them again, it would give me an insight into what I was at that instance in space and time.

Updated on 18th August 2010 to add the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: As I have always maintained, do not take medical or for that matter any advice from a jobless “MBA” student like me. To put simply, I do not guarantee the accuracy of any information that I provide. And I am not a doctor or a microbiologist or a chemist or a PhD.